This site is horrendously out of date.

More specifically; it's the cobweb-ridden almost entirely abandoned site of Dave Arter, a software developer at Swansea University.

About Me

I'm many things - drummer, hacker, air guitarist, procrastinator extraordinaire, to name a few.


The Site

Hilariously Antiquated

The content on this site hasn't been updated in a very, very long time. I'll tear it all down and replace it with something more contemporary eventually.


The design of minus zero is based upon the Clean Looks design by Matt Hollis from Open Source Web Design.

What the hell does 'minus zero' mean?

It's a part of a lyric from an Atreyu song, "You Eclipsed By Me". It doesn't really have any relevance to anything, I just thought it sounded kinda snazzy.